100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask - Adult

$ 5.00 $ 12.00

For every mask purchased, our artisan partners are donating one mask to underserved and vulnerable communities .  500 masks being donated!

These CDC approved three-layer face masks are made of 100% cotton muslin fabric, have an interior filter pocket and finished with elastic straps to ensure a comfortable fit.  Muslin is a tightly woven cotton material that is lightweight, soft and breathable.  It is washable and re-wearable.   Look good and stay safe while supporting fair trade practices.

  • 5" Tall x 9" Long open
  • 100% cotton muslin
  • Interior filter pocket
  • Available in Black Hearts, Solid Black, Solid Pink, Solid Blue
  • Made by women artisans in Thailand following fair trade guidelines while maintaining a safe work environment
  • Hand-wash or machine wash in mesh bag before use
  • Wash your hands before putting your mask on and after taking it off
  • This is not a medical grade mask
  • As is the nature of handmade products, all vary slightly

Lumily was founded in 2008 and partners with over 150 artisans in three (3) countries and now carries more than 800 products. However, the purpose remains the same: to provide economic opportunities in poor and destitute areas while at the same time preserving cultural traditions and craft making techniques that have been passed on for generations.



Their handcrafted, fairly traded items represent relationships, sustainability, and hope. More than their beauty and craftsmanship, it is truly the stories that make them come alive. Each item is carefully crafted based on cultural traditions. When consumers purchase these products, they are also purchasing a story behind them. In the end, this contributes to an enriched understanding of a global community and a better life for everyone.

In keeping with Fair Trade principles, Lumily also contributes a portion of its profits to fund school tuition and books, medical procedures, housing allowances, food accounts, and more.  They currently provide the funds for 14 children in Guatemala to go to school, have an emergency fund set aside for all artisans, and host fundraisers to provide extra support for the artisans and their families.