Crochet Flower Necklaces

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The crochet necklaces are made in central Anatolia, Turkey by one artist that has an amazing dexterity with the finest crochet needle that exists (some people refer to it as tattering). The resounding success that she has had in the USA, since Suzani started ordering her necklaces, has pushed her into teaching her skill and art form to other women in her community. Her sense of color is remarkable and the workmanship is so good, that some people ask if they were cut outs from a fabric.

      • Material: The thread is made of polyester
      • Available in 2 lengths: Short (approx. 19”), Medium (approx. 38”)
      • The process of making one short necklace takes two hours; Medium takes 4 hours to complete one necklace
      • Short $36.00, Medium $56.00
      • Colors are assorted and vary depending upon the artisan’s creative inspiration
      • Choose the length (Short or Medium) and let us pick a color combo for you!
      • Handmade in Turkey
      • Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary. Truly one-of-a-kind!!
      • Use care when wearing as this item is of a delicate nature adding to its unique and special attraction

SHORT LENGTH: sits around the neck and the décolletage. It also works as a bracelet that turns around the wrist three times, depending on the size of the wrist.  It has a clasp made with the same color beads as the ones incorporated in the necklaces between the crocheted flowers. It is in the shape of a ball and it is a typical design of the Turkmen tribes of Central Asia, which is quite remarkable because these balls or wheels normally sell individually and are quite expensive. In this case they are made by the same lady who produces the necklaces.

MEDIUM LENGTH: you can use it as one long strand or as a shorter double strand necklace. It has a clasp and beads between the crocheted flowers to give it weight and a tiny bit of shine. They all come with a beautiful ball clasp in the same color as the beads used in the necklace.