Diamond Glass Pendant Necklace

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Each intricate piece of this trendy Diamond Glass Necklace is lovingly crafted by hand. From the smoothly polished triangle pendant and the delicate brass chain. So wear this necklace proudly knowing that your purchase supports the work of many artisans in Kenya.

  • Polished Glass w-brass chain
  • Colors: Sea Glass, Blush, Garnet, Ocean, Purple, Lt Pink
  • 18"L approx
  • Made in Kenya

In Kenya, unemployment rates for the deaf are as high as 85%, as the deaf are generally considered to be unsuited for work. This discrimination is heightened against deaf women, who are often mistreated by their spouses or families. Sasa Designs by the Deaf was founded in 2011 to combat the stigma of deafness, and to offer jewelry-making jobs to deaf women who otherwise may never have been able to earn a living. The artisans at Sasa are mostly single mothers who work hard to support their children by making enough money to feed them and send them to school. Their products represent access to doctors and the respect of family who once considered their deaf daughter, sister or wife a burden.  Sasa means "now" in Kishwahili.  Now she leads. Now she is empowered.  

The organization operates out of a safe, clean workspace where artisans can feel respected and accomplished. Thank you for giving one of these female artisans a powerful voice to tell her story!



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