large eye beaded mala bracelet

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Authentic Tibetan Mala Bead Bracelets, made by Artisans at the Tashiling Tibetan Refugee Settlement in Nepal.

Materials: hand carved Yak Bone, black beads

One Size/Adjustable

SKULLS In Tibetan tradition, skull prayer beads are used to remind us that life is

impermanent and we need to live the best life we can every day, treating others with

love and compassion.

YAK BONE Yak are highly valued by the Tibetan people, they provide milk, yak butter

and cheese and used for transportation, clothing, tents and hauling goods.Tibetan

Buddhists believe that humans and animals are part of a single family and killing an

animal means you cannot reach enlightenment. Therefore all yak bone used

in jewelry or for any other purpose comes from an animal that has died a natural death.

Buddhists also view Yak bone as a reminder of the impermanence of life and therefore

living the best life that you can.

THE EYE SYMBOL is believed to keep away evil and negativity


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