Sustainable Plant Based Eco-Resin Adjustable Orb Cuff Bracelets - Botanicals

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Handcasted Sustainable Plant Based Eco-Resin Adjustable Orb Cuff Bracelets - Botanicals

  • Colors: Elderberry w-Gold Cuff, Rose Petals w-Gold Cuff, Rose Petals w-Silver Cuff (Photos of Rose Petals show Rose Gold Cuff but items in stock either Gold or Silver colored)
  • Cuff is made of bronze, plated in 24K gold
  • No two are ever identical or alike and will vary slightly from the photo.  
  • Handmade in rural villages (Subachoque) in the outskirts of the capital city, Bogota, Columbia

Eco-resin is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material, it is not petroleum based and is USDA certified.  Unlike most resins that use petroleum-based products, Belart’s eco-resin uses bio-derived materials such as pine sap and oils derived from waste-streams of other manufactured products.  The round orbs are made from a sustainable, plant-based eco-resin that uses the by-products of the paper pulp and bio-fuel industries. It is a high quality resin that will maintain its color over time. Turning waste into something beautiful!

Each round orb cuff bracelet is smoothed by hand to give a silky soft finish that makes them super comfortable to wear. While most bubbles are banished, gold flakes are embedded to add a handmade and unique quality to the pendant. No two are ever identical. Your bracelet will vary slightly from the photo.

Belart is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and its timeless pieces are designed in Vermont and thoughtfully handcrafted  under fair trade practices in Colombia and Vietnam, where artists transform  their works into unique artistic beauty.