Heart of Haiti Metal Tray

$ 45.00

The Metal Waves Texture Tray from Hearts of Hait is absolutely stunning. Handcrafted with an intriguing wave motif along the border, this nature-inspired tray recalls the lush and beautiful Caribbean coast that inspires so many Haitian artists. The best part is that the artists name is hammered into it, as well. It was made using steel oil drums that are hammered and chiseled  by hand and sculpted to create unique pieces by ladies in Haiti. 

50% of each item sold is given right back to the artisan. In a country that is less fortunate than the United States of America, this is a big deal! When you make a purchase of a Heart of Haiti handcrafted item, think of it as putting food in the mouths of father, mother and child or providing a roof over a newborn child's tiny head.  Buy in confidence. Know that YOU are giving back.


If you're looking for a unique gift for someone who has everything, this is it.

      • Approximately 
      • Material: Metal
      • As is the case with all handmade items, slight variations will occur
      • Handmade in Haiti
      • Fair Trade, Sustainable
      • Care: Wipe clean