Acai, Tagua and Recycled Sari Long Weave Necklace

$ 32.00

Acai, Tagua and Recycled Sari Long Weave Necklace

These colorful and kicky necklaces are some of the best addition to your wardrobe that you will find.  They are fun worn individually or layered for a bold array of color.  Wear it with a simple white or black dress or go super Boho with jeans and boots.  Whatever your style, you can pull it off with our ethical necklace choice!

  • Colors: ASST (including Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green)
  • When ordering we will do our best to accomodate a specific color request - please include in the comments/notes section of order form - but note it is not guaranteed
  • 36" long approximate
  • The açaí and Tagus come from the rainforest of Columbia
  • The up-cycled Saris come from discarded saris from a partnership with a WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) in India
  • No two are ever identical or alike and will vary slightly from the photo.
  • Handmade in rural villages (Subachoque) in the outskirts of the capital city, Bogota, Columbia

Tagua nuts are the seeds from the fruits of the Phytelephas Aequatorialis palm tree, meaning literally - elephant plant from the Equatorial Region of the Amazon Rain Forest.  It is the NEW "Green Ivory" Eco Fashion, a biodegradable, renewable and sustainable resource.  Our Tagua custom products are handmade from sustainably harvested Tagua nuts - collected after they fall to the ground, so the palm trees are not harmed.

The use of Tagua and its harvesting provides an eco-friendly alternative to the use of the Tropical Rainforest's resources, thus helping in protecting and saving the Rainforests that have been tilled and burned to be used as land for cattle and illegal plantations. 

Belart is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and its timeless pieces are designed in Vermont and thoughtfully handcrafted  under fair trade practices in Colombia and Vietnam, where artists transform the their works into unique artistic beauty.