Cowfur and Leather Adjustable Cuff

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Cowfur and Leather Adjustable Cuff
Power cuffs for those who are into the ethical treatment of animals will love our uniquely designed and ethically sourced cuff bracelets from Africa.  If you're looking for something different and unique, these are for you!
  • One of a kind chic cuffs made from 100% food supply sourced local cow and goat hides with a zero waste mandate to use every scrap.
  • Approximately 2 1/2" L x 2 1/2" W
  • Colors: Black (or Grey) and Chocolate -- color refers to the fur color, not leather color
  • Featuring locally sourced embellishments such as "Angoni" cow horn at the pull
  • *Note no two alike due to natural variations in fur pattern
  • Made in Kenya, Africa


Chic accessory designs with a unique African feel. Exquisite artisan craftsmanship using supple, locally tanned cowhides, suedes and cowfurs in fashionable colors.  Featuring locally sourced embellishments such as "Angoni" cow horn. This cottage industry has revived leather craftsmanship in the area with training initiatives and fair trade employment, while salvaging cowhides that otherwise would have gone to waste.


LOTUSLAND is rooted in ethics. Fair Trade Curated Luxury Collections, every item is produced sustainably, acting as a vehicle for positive humanitarian and environmental change -- and the result is pure beauty.