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Thank you for stopping by our ethical marketplace of super fun handmade goodies!  This company has been a passion project of mine for 5 years now (at times it feels less but it certainly has been a labor of love!).  It's taken me a very long time to even consider trying to start a blog and quite frankly I have the feeling that I may not do a very good job, but try I must!!  I guess it just comes down to having no time to just write since I'm juggling so many other balls in the air (commuting to NYC 5 days/wk to my full time job in the fashion industry, being a mother to 4 children of which only 2 young ones are still at home, wife and full time dish washer/pot scrubber for Lei-Lei)!!!

The time just seemed right now to try to start this and I suppose it's because we've just recently been written about by bloggers and influencers.  It's so exciting to click on a post and see your company and its products being talked about!  Fortunately, several "Over 50" bloggers have taken a liking to what we do and the message we have spent years spreading. They stand with us in wanting to help others and empower women which is why we connected in the first place.  

If it's OK with you all, I'd like to share the link to the first interview series that I was featured in last month by Beth Djalali from Style at a Certain Age.  


If you don't know her or haven't checked her blog out yet you're missing out!  She is absolutely amazing and has exceptional talent and a great eye. You can find her here...http://www.styleatacertainage.com/   

The day her blog post interview hit we had one of the highest spikes in traffic which just shows you the kind of respect Beth has in the blog world.  The grey/black thermal square horn necklace I was photographed in while wearing a grey sweater was the big seller of the week.  We hope that our collaborations with her span many years to come and feel blessed that our worlds connected. 

I really do believe in helping others and when you cross paths with someone special that you connect with be sure to take a moment to hear their "story".  It most surely will touch your heart and bring you joy.   I try to pass this message on through all I do and through my Lei-Lei business model.  Because in the end, you're not measured by how much you have, but by how much you have given.  So my friends...#helpothers #shopresponsibly #inspirechange #sharethelove

In peace and with love,